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About us

Arturo Polo Ena

He starts to fly at the age of 16 years with hang gliders. A few years later he got his ulm licence and, as soon as he got the flight hours needed, his instructor rating, starting to teach at Torremocha de Jiloca aerodrome, that was recently created at that time.

The flight is his passion, but also the photography, and that’s why he has flown and be in different adventures, in the beginning like an Ulm Spain Tour participant, after in the Ulm tour de France, flying in the Alps and the Massif central in France, caught by the charm and beauty of the mountains, and the new skills to land in altiports and altisurfaces.

 In 2010 was the Geiger Cup winner, the european mountian flying competition, but unfortunatly he could not went to any others after that, because he is spending the summer season in Alaska.He has been flying all around Europe: Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Uk, and some others far away like Jamaica, Thailand or Kenia and has also organize aereal raids and tours for ulm planes, european ulm flying around Spain and spanish ulms flying around Portugal, France and UK.

He thinks the best part of being a pilot is to be able to learn all the time, and thats why he is always doing some kind of training and has made courses with skis, on snow, he got the french ulm licence and the rating for aereal photography, video recording and towing or getting the czech ulm licence with taildragger rating.

He also got his PPL licence in Spain and a later in Usa. A few years ago he got the commercial licence in Usa and now he is already thinking of the next step..

In fall and winter season he works like flight instructor in Torremocha de Jiloca aerodrome, near Teruel. He flies and teaches three axes planes and trikes, but his speciality is teaching taildraggers, mountain flying and bushflying.

From the year 2011, and from April to October, he flies his green machine, Piper Super Cub, most part of the time in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, doing bushflying with some of the best pilots like Paul Claus or Loni Habertsetzer and taking pictures of the incredibles landscapes, that in the future could be a part of a book.


Elisa Fernández Esparza

Lawyer and attorney in Spain, she has been working long time like defence counseler and incourt representation and also owns a lawn firm in Teruel, her home town. She is also specialized in international law and aeronautical advice working for several companies.

She has also been involved in different NGOs and flying associations trying to promote aviation, enhance safety and support initiatives that benefit pilots and make grow the aviation community.

She also writes articles of all the travels and flights, that have been published in different magazines with Arturo´s pictures.

Ulm pilot since 2002, and instructor and trike rated since 2004, and teaching at Torremocha de Jiloca, Teruel aerodrome.

She is a PPL pilot in Spain and Usa, where she also got her float rating.

In winter time she teaches at the aerodrome and also works like lawyer and attorney and in spring and summer season she lives in Alaska enjoying the bushflying and the wilderness of the landscapes of the Wrangell St Elias National Park.



January 14, 2018