Amilpies, savage aircraft precios

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Zlin Aviation sro 2013 Retail Price List
NOTE: Prices are in €, VAT not included, and Ex Works.
Price is for basic version with Rotax 912 UL 80hp, grey Aerobat wood propeller, Tundra tires, basic analogical engine
and flight instrumentation, test flown and Ready to Fly.

Savage Classic 46.500,00 €
Savage Cruiser 48.800,00 €
Savage Cub 51.800,00 €
Savage Bobber 41.800,00 €
Savage CUB-S 56.800,00 €

We only supply advanced kits, with fuselage with primer applied and already covered, and wings and tail also
completely covered. All construction work, welding etc is factory done. Controls are pre-assembled. Only assembly with
basic tools is required. Average assembly time is from 250 to 500 hours. Kit includes standard Tundra wheels, disk
brakes, engine mount, cowling and spinner. No engine, instruments, propeller or electric material included. Kit can
optionally be painted.

Savage Classic Quick-build Kit 23.800,00 €
Savage Bobber Quick-build Kit (aluminium panel housing factory built) 23.500,00 €
Savage Cruiser Quick-build Kit 25.800,00 €
Savage Cub Quick-build Kit (aluminium panel housing and engine cowling factory built) 27.800,00 €
Savage CUB-S Quick build kit Ask for quote

Optional 1 color paint scheme 2.300,00 €
Other paint schemes On request
Rotax 912 S -- 100 hp (with clutch and reinforced electric starter) € 1.800,00
120hp turbocharged kit for 912UL 80hp* € 8.900,00
Lycoming IO233 115hp carburetor (only for CUB-S) Standard wood prop. Ask for quotation
Lycoming IO233 115hp fuel injected (only for CUB-S) Standard wood prop. Ask for quotation
Lycoming IO320 tuned at 172hp, lighter version, includes carbon fiber
Catto propeller. (only for CUB-S)
€ 28.000,00
*Aftermarket turbo kit produced in Italy, well known and tested, long service life, with mechanical actuator and
Mitsubishi turbine (add over basic aircraft price; includes MAP and fuel pressure instruments and 2 electric fuel pumps
installed). 2 years standard warranty on complete engine.

For ready to fly aircrafts. See Paint Scheme Guide on our website.

Yellow No charge
White No charge
Red € 300,00
Classic “Easy Sport” € 2.700,00
Classic “Friendly Cub” € 1.100,00
Classic “Golden Age” € 2.300,00
Cruiser “America” € 2.700,00
Cruiser “Airshow” € 2.700,00
Cruiser “Vintage” € 2.300,00
Cruiser “Bush” € 2.700,00
Cub and CUB-S “Army” € 1.500,00
Cub and CUB-S “Navy” or “USAF” € 1.300,00
Cub and CUB-S “Marines” € 1.000,00
Cub and CUB-S “Artic” € 3.300,00
Cub and CUB-S “Alaskan” € 3.300,00
Cub and CUB-S “Elegance” € 3.300,00
Cub and CUB-S “Namibia” € 2.700,00

Pressurized engine mount with gauge (not for Lycoming) € 450,00
Oil inspection door installed € 100,00
Gascolator € 150,00
Thrust line (only for Cub and CUB-S) € 800,00
Extra fuel tank (92 l) Standard on CUB-S with Lycoming 172hp € 600,00
Auxiliary fuel pump, installed, with fuel pressure gauge. (Two pumps already
included in the 120hp turbo kit for Rotax)
€ 380,00
Standard 2 blade painted wood propeller Aerobat is included. Price to be added on new aircrfat over base price.
Old style propeller (wood transparent varnish) € 150,00
2m climb propeller € 900,00
Warp Drive 3-blade propeller € 750,00
Catto carbon fiber propeller for IO233 (standard included on the IO320) Ask for quote


Deluxe Italian leather seats hand made € 1.050,00
Auxiliary 12V power socket, under the seat (order one or two) € 130,00
Heater, muffler style (for Rotax engines) € 580,00
Heater, muffler style (for Lycoming engines) € 700,00
Rescue ballistic system Junkers 472,5kg MTOW (installed). Ask for other models € 3.700,00
Demountable co-pilot stick € 120,00
Towing system pre-installation (structural/weldings) € 250,00
“Tost” towing system € 1.850,00
Extenders for seat belts, two (for heavy/big pilots) € 250,00
Seat belts with Airbag € 2.900,00
Extra Snap Vents for doors € 100,00
Door key-lock € 110,00
Aluminium painted internal side panels (only for Cub and CUB-S) € 1.400,00
Complete wooden floorboards (cover all floor area) € 650,00
Extended solid baggage compartment with Alcantara (only for Cub and CUB-S) € 700,00
Cargo compartment protection net (only for Cub and CUB-S) € 190,00
Customized instrument panel design € 150,00
Extra holes for our standard panel (each one) € 20,00
Transponder Filser TRT800 with antenna (installed) € 3.200,00
Installation of customer transponder € 300,00
Radio Filser ATR500 with antenna and intercom (installed) € 1.550,00
Radio XCOM with antenna and intercom (installed) € 1.550,00
Installation of customer radio € 300,00
Installation of other customer avionics (€/hour) € 35,00
Dynon EFIS-D100 installed (ask for other models end options) € 3.200,00
Turn and bank electric € 950,00
Attitude gyro electric € 1.900,00
Instrument panel for co-pilot (asi-alt-slip ind.) € 880,00
ELT Ameri-King AK 450 € 550,00
ELT Ameri-King AK 451-21 € 1.240,00
Strobe and navigation lights € 1.050,00
Landing light € 380,00



Ask for other brands and models. GPS are quoted panel installed.
AvMap Geopilot II Plus + AirGizmo € 990,00
AvMap EKP-IV + AirGizmo € 1.900,00
AvMap EKP-V + Avmap Docking Station € 2.449,00
Installation of customer GPS € 200,00
For more models contact us
StarCom12 CH7 € 180,00
HME 100 BOOMSET PJ Sennheiser € 325,00
HME 95 - Sennheiser € 229,00
HMEC 250 - NoiseGard Sennheiser € 529,00
H 10-13.4 David Clark € 390,00
Basic manual trim system with spring is standard installed on all Savage models.
CUB-S has a Piper style “all surface” trim system as standard.
Electric trim Ray Allen installed (with stick grip). Not for CUB-S € 800,00
Manual trim Cessna style installed. Not for CUB-S € 490,00

Reinforced main landing gear (for Classic and Cruiser) € 350,00
Reinforced axles for reinforced landing gear (optional) € 280,00
6-inch HD extended landing gear (available for all Savage models).
Standard on CUB-S with 172hp.
€ 1.100,00
AOSS suspension system € 3.400,00
External reinforced landing gear safety cables 5mm diameter € 170,00
Step on landing gear, welded (facilitates entry in the aircraft).
Not necessary with 6” extended landing gear.
€ 150,00
Reinforced tail leaf spring € 150,00
Retractable skis Ask for quote
Axles for skis (required for skis) € 280,00
Amphibious floats € 9.500,00
Installation kit for amphibious floats (struts, cables, fittings…) € 1.700,00
Installation of floats on aircraft (requires installation kit and floats) € 1.450,00
Aerodynamic bungee covers (painted and installed, not applicable to AOSS system) € 280,00
Wheel fairings, fiberglass, painted and installed (Only for Cruiser) € 350,00

Alaskan Bushwheel kit 29” (with new bush tailwheel) € 4.400,00
Alaskan Airstreaks kit 29” (with new bush tailwheel) € 4.050,00
Alaskan Airstreaks kit 26” (with new bush tailwheel) € 3.650,00
Goodyear Bushwheel kit 26” (with standard tailwheel).* Does not require
Installation kit.
€ 1.600,00
Installation kit for Bushwheels (mandatory both for new aircraft original equipment
and for later upgrade to BW from standard wheel version)
€ 500,00
New wheels and brakes (higher brake power), highly recommended for
Bushwheels, with specific axles, and dual calipers. Does not require
previous Installation kit for BW.
€ 1.700,00
*Goodyear Bushwheels are with tubes and are inflated at a standard pressure of 0,9 bar, while Alaskan Bushwheels are inflated at
0,2bars, and for that reason are much more indicated for serious bushflying application.




Fuselage internal corrosion protection € 650,00
Second door for floatplane (including Verner control throttle and el. trim)
Only for Classic
€ 1.950,00
Vortex generators installed (standard on CUB-S 172hp) € 490,00
Registration markings installed € 180,00
Push carts for maneuvering in hangar with 360° wheels € 660,00
Belly cargo pod € 1.250,00
Camping kit € 680,00
Refueling fuel pump (external accessory) € 390,00

Our Bobber is born for offering you the widest range of freedom in getting your aircraft crafted as a unic piece of art. It
is the platform to express your personality, and we want every aircraft to be singular and different. Please feel free to
contact us for any options or customizations that are not included in this list.
Dual throttle € 500,00
Winter kit – full removable cockpit enclosure with 2 doors € 1.500,00
Six points seat belts € 550,00
Old-style leather seats € 1.300,00
Old-style leather bags, couple € 1.200,00
Old-style leather tool bag € 350,00
Engine full painted (15 color available) € 1.400,00
Chrome finishing on cylinder heads and visible exhaust pipes € 1.200,00
Old style paint scheme in two colors € 1.800,00
Texturized heavy duty colors for the fuselage € 900,00
Chromed Bearinger performance brake system, dual caliper € 1.950,00
3D machined instrument panel € 900,00






En cualquier modelo Savage
    Podemos poner o quitar cualquier opción, es decir, Podemos configurar un Savage con diferentes tipos de tren de aterrizaje, ruedas Busweels o rueda tundra, paracaídas, instrumentación etc…

Amilpies, opciones savage aircraft

    Todas estas opciones podemos ponerlas en nuestro Savage a la hora del pedido o posteriormente cuando ya tenemos experiencia y queremos comenzar a hacer Bushflying equipando nuestro Classic, Cruiser o Cub con un tren reforzado y más grande, Frenos de doble pinza y las fantásticas Bushweels de 29 o 31 “.
Todos los precios se confirman a la hora del pedido, por posibles variaciones de mercado.